Double Massage Ball 8-Inch Textured Roller

Item No.: JYMB0092; Material: EVA; Size: 11.5*20CM (8 inch); Peanut-shaped textured surface design, lightweight, portable, and durable.

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●Peanut-shaped, textured 11.5*20CM (8 inch) massage roller is ideal for targeting large muscles such as the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, Shape is ideal for massaging along the spinal column without uncomfortable pressure, perfect for relieving tension, releasing tightness, and soothing pain in the back and neck;

●Travel friendly 11.5*20CM (8 inch) size is compact and portable, fits in gym or work bag for massage on-the-go, EVA foam construction won‚ not break down or lose shape after repeated use;

●Textured surface pattern increases mobility and aids in recovery post-workout, ergonomic design helps target hard-to-reach muscles;

●Extremely Effective: Our massage ball adopts double ball design, which perfectly fits the muscles of back and shoulder.By rolling back and forth, the fascia and muscles are stretched and released, and muscle soreness is alleviated, just like a masseuse massaging your sore points, and you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for treatment;

●Peanut massage ball roller as a self massage myofascial release, peanut massage roller, double lacrosse massage ball, can improve joint range of motion and myofascial mobility, relax your muscle after workout excesice. Suitable for all over your body, such as cervical spine, thoracic spine, glutes, back, neck, psoas, quad, glute, hip and feet;

●Accommodating While You’re At Home Or On–The-Go: You never know when you’ll need deep trigger-point therapy. Each conveniently sized ball is easy to transport individually or all together in the included carrying bag. Have your comfortable handheld fitness supplies ready & accessible whether you’re at home, work, the gym, or traveling.

●Lightweight, portable, and durable EVA Foam massage ball is an ideal travel companion on the road;

●Your new ultimate mobility massage balls are designed with beneficial ripple effects—when your muscles feel relaxed, your flexibility, performance, energy, productivity, and even sleep habits often see vast improvements.


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